Reasons Men Do not Want to Wear Condoms

Condoms are contraceptives used by men to keep the transmission of dangerous diseases as a result of sexual intercourse. Condoms also be a powerful means of contraception for couples who want to postpone pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is common to a man who declined to wear a condom before having sex. Various reasons were raised by the man why he did not want to wear a condom. Though currently has a lot of condoms which provides a variety of options, ranging from models, aroma, taste to the packaging, as can be found in the Rip and Roll, such as trump condoms.

Here are some of the reasons which have summarized the reasons why men refuse to use condoms during intercourse:

– Reduce enjoyment
This is the most common reason stated by the man why he did not want to wear a condom during intercourse. Some men believe that having sex using a condom will reduce pleasure during lovemaking. In response, experts say that if the expression that is not entirely true. Because, anyone can still enjoy the thrill of making love when he wears a condom the right, in the sense of having a good lubrication.

– Uncomfortable

Researchers said that condoms actually will not affect the performance or satisfaction when having sex with a partner. Why? Because condoms are created with a very thin material and elastic. So, if anyone says if you wear a condom it makes uncomfortable, then it can not be fully justified.

– There is no size that fits

Men also often wore these reasons when refusing to use a condom. In fact, the reason is also not unreasonable. Because the condom manufacturers now producing condoms with various sizes, ranging from large to small.

– Aroma of the Condom

Several decades ago, the scent of the condom does not taste good. Usually the aroma of rubber-like material made of a latex. But for now, the condom has been created with a variety of pleasant aroma, there are even a flavorful fruits. So, if today there are men who claim to wear a condom will lower the arousal because it smells, it is also a silly thing.

– Clean and do not have a seed of sexually transmitted diseases

Because lazy to wear a condom, some men are also often told his partner that he was clean and did not have the seeds of sexually transmitted diseases. To smooth stride, the man often uses the phrase ‘trust me’. Are you one of them?

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