Overview of Coachability traits for Business Coaching Results

The advantages of taking advantage of business coaching are well known. For small business owners for instance it includes increase in productivity, profitability and general performance. Interesting thing is, not all business owners are ready for business coaching.

What’s more attention grabbing is the fact that while their businesses require assistance, personal advice/guidance which in most cases is what is available mostly goes unheeded due to failure to invest in time, energy and resources all of which are known to increase the chances of success.

The readiness to take advantage of the provisions of business coaching is referred to as the “coachability”. It is the degree to which a business owner is open to being made self aware, accountable, dedicated, motivated and informed of the importance of learning and changing ways.

Key coachability traits shared by coachable business owners

They include: openness to change, willingness to learn, honesty, self awareness, accountability, motivation and dedication etc

The above traits are what are used to determine coachability of any business owner.

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