The natural ingredients to prevent the kidney diseases

If you’ve got a kidney disease or failure, you will need to wash your blood in the hospital regularly, and it’s very expensive. That’s why maintaining the health of your own kidney is very crucial. In order to help you to prevent the kidney diseases, the best nephrologist in bangalore is more than happy to share with you the info on the natural ingredients that could help you to prevent the kidney diseases.

1. Soursop leaf

The first medicine to prevent the kidney disease is the soursop leaf. You need to have several soursop leaves and wash them until they’re cleaned. Boil them in the boiling water, and put 3-5 leaves into the boiling water. Then you need to filter the soursop leaves boiled water, and drink it while it’s still warm.

2. The breadfruit leaf

You can consume the breadfruit leaf to prevent the kidney disease. You need to take 15 gr of the dried breadfruit leaves, and one glass of boiling water, pure honey, and also the sufficient amount of lump sugar. Boil all of those ingredients, it’d be the best for you to use the clay or the glass pot. Then you need to filter it. You can also mix them with the pure honey and lump sugar. Drink this twice a day, for exactly 10 days.

3. The turmeric

You need 1 rhizome of turmeric, a handful of cat whiskers leaves, a handful of meniran leaves, 4 glasses of clean water, and the suffice amount of the palm sugar. In order to make this potion, you need to wash all of the ingredients, and it’s recommended for you to use the clay or glass pot. Boil them with the boiling water until the water has left only half of the pot. After it’s cold, filter the water, and drink it 3 times a day. In order to give it the better taste, you can mix it with the palm sugar or the pure honey.

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