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Moldy or mossy wall could be an embarrassment to the house and its occupants. The color is not a pretty sight, smelling, roots damaging the walls, not to mention the risk of allergy if the spores are inhaled. Overcome this problem by cleaning products home before it is too much bother home and your family members. In addition to eliminating mold and mildew, the most important thing after that is preventing both appeared again. Mushrooms grow from spores that spread through the air. Fungi usually grow in a humid environment, warm, and does not have good air circulation. Therefore, the mushrooms are grown cartilage bathroom. Mold growth on the walls are often triggered by the humid conditions and lack of ventilation, but can also be caused by water seepage-good groundwater, rainwater, as well as pipeline leaks. AC is not installed correctly is also potentially cause mold because of the water droplets.

H2O-R has some way to remove mold and prevent it from coming back;

Moss green does not always seem as fresh as often found outside the home. On the walls, moss can be colored dark gray or even black. Moss quickly spread to a larger area if not treated immediately. To recognize the moss on your wall, apply a cloth soaked in carbolic in the dark. If the dark color faded after a few minutes, the dark color is moss. Otherwise, these spots may just dirt. In order to prevent things that are not desirable, wear rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothing, as well as the mouth and nose mask. Open the window for this task;

1. Make a solution of a mixture of carbolic and water usually with a dose of 1 part carbolic acid and 3 parts water. If carbolic not available, you can use detergents that contain active ingredients lightening fabric.

2. Spray or sprinkle the solution on the moldy area.

3. Rub the moldy wear a bit stiff bristle brush or cloth rather coarse fibrous.

4. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

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