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Who does not know English? A country is known for football kingdom and it is also has many attractions bustling invite foreign tourists to come visit. Could no longer be denied that the UK is one country in the world which is famous for a wide variety of tourist attractions, especially London, the capital. For more than 2000 years, London has been storing a wide variety of stunning and entertaining for the foreign tourists who come to visit. Moreover, if it were not for a wide variety of tourist attractions that appeal and also historical value. Kensington Palace is the place that can be visited when you come to England. This place is a palace formed by generations of royal women from Queen Mary to Victoria, which recently was Diana, Princess of Wales. The palace has several parks that are elegant and you can see the attractions and exhibitions throughout the year. If you want to visit here with not a lot of money, you can rent a Campervan. Once out of Kensington palace, you can continue your journey to other natural attractions. If you want to rent a Campervan, please visit

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